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Amanda Zito
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Amanda Zito was born and raised in Western Montana and spent her childhood on her family’s ranch, surrounded by the majestic Rocky Mountains. Like any wild child, she spent her early years running around butt naked. Her body of work clearly reflects her rural upbringing and down-to-earth attitude by utilizing warm color palettes, natural elements and embracing the nude. Her portrayal of women can be described as glorified, powerful and sexy. She makes use of her romantic-realist style to explore themes and feelings of nostalgia, western history, relationships and classic portraiture. Her work is digitally painted, highly rendered, and detail oriented.

She moved to Portland, Oregon in 2010 to attend the Pacific Northwest College of Art where she Graduated with a BFA in Illustration in May 2014. She spends her free time driving as far away from the city as humanly possible and pining for home.

For commissions drop me a note, email me at, or shoot me a question on tumblr.

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I had the most vivid dream..

I went down south with my brother and the bearded man to visit my nieces and they were living in a fairly nice big house in a tiny town. After visiting for a bit my brother said he was going to go sell stuff at a flea market with this new girl he just met, the bearded man said he was tired and he didn’t want to be there so he went and took a nap. I was frustrated with him and decided to go explore the town. 

I found main street almost instantly, the way that you do in dreams. The air was so light and brisk, the sun was was shining, there were people walking on the streets that looked like they worked for a living, and I just took a deep breath and thought to myself that this was my kind of town. The store fronts looked as though they were built in the old west and slowly upgraded with the times against their will. 

I passed the post office and smiled at a few of the people coming out and fell in line behind a man walking his golden retriever down the sidewalk. There was a large intersection with what looked like the only traffic light in town and I crossed right behind the man with the dog. Once across there were a few buildings and then another post office. I stopped and looked back down the street confused for a moment then I laughed, “Oh my god, they’re actually two towns!”  

“You just realized that?” 

I jumped a little, startled. The man with the dog had heard me and turned around and came up next to me with a friendly smile. I can only describe his features as a mash between Josh Hutcherson and Hunter Hayes, with dirty blond hair, wearing a teal flannel and faded blue jeans -that gave me the impression that he knew his way around a ranch. He gave me shit for being an out of towner the way I would have, and warmed up to him immediately.  He said he guessed he should pretend to be a gracious host and show me around town so I wouldn’t think of their town badly. His light flirting had lifted my spirits, I could feel a bit of stress and tension leave my body, so I let him show me around. 

He walked me through the park first, telling me about how silly he thought it was to have a park in a town surrounded by open land. I laughed and stopped paying attention to where I was going and tripped over a large root coming out of the ground. His arms were around me to catch me in a split second and he had me lifted back on my feet like I didn’t weigh anything. He held me against him for a few seconds longer than necessary and in my head I saw him lift me and kiss me. I shook my head a little to clear my vision and played it off as getting the hair out of my face. When I looked down at his lips, my heart started pounding, I felt him lean closer and I thought my heart was going to explode. A wind picked up and blew my hair into my face and I turned away and he released me. 

I felt a little light headed and giggled, “you sure move fast don’t ya, charmer?” He laughed it off and changed the subject to the town’s library. He started to go off on how little it was but the people who worked there were nice, when I took a second glance at him and frowned a little bit. “How old are you?” He looked at me slightly stunned by the abrupt subject change. He recovered and said, “seventeen, why?” 

I balked. I had almost kissed a freaking 17 year old? What the shit kind of dream is this? I’m almost 24 for fuck’s sake! He frowned at the expression on my face, “what’s wrong?”  I didn’t say anything I just ran away. I realized how ridiculous it was when I was half way down the street but I couldn’t have controlled my feet if I wanted to. When I slowed down he was half a block away from me trying to catch up and I hollered back at him, “I’m 23 dude.” He stopped and laughed and shook his head, like it wasn’t a big deal. 

I walked up the stairs to the library to go hide behind stacks of books the way I used to. I found a good corner in the non fiction section where no on went and sat with my back against the books. I felt so overwhelmed. I’d been fighting with the bearded man for several days about moving back to Montana (true) and I was so emotionally exhausted, I had been so relieved to just fall into some non-committal flirting with a stranger. But a teenager? Really? No. 

I finally got myself under control, stood up, and walked out to the entrance. The nice old lady at the front desk said, “he said you’d come out eventually, he’s waiting out front for you.” I blinked at her, peaked out the big glass doors and saw him sitting on the bike rack with two cups of something hot in his hands. I rolled my eyes, well he’s stubborn I gotta give him that. 

I walked down the front steps of the library and took the cup he handed to me.”Well, you’re persistent,” I said with an eyebrow raised at him. He blushed a little, “let me walk you back to wherever you’re staying?” I nodded and we started down the street sipping what turned out to be hot chocolate. Somehow we had come to the resolution of just being friends, without saying anything and it was nice. 

I saw the bearded man coming across the street towards us and all the tension came back to my body. The boy stopped for a second to untangle his dog and the bearded man took that opportunity to ask me furiously where I had been and who this guy was. I felt this overwhelming blanket of anger and stress fall over me and … I woke up. 

  • Listening to: Maggie Rose
  • Reading: Jupiter's Travels by Ted Simon


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